Tail spend management has become an increasingly important focus for organizations looking to improve their procurement processes and optimize their budgets. With a significant portion of an organization’s spend often falling into the “tail” category, it is crucial for businesses to have efficient systems in place to manage these expenses. Chartered Buying, a leading procurement services provider, offers a range of solutions to help organizations better manage their tail spend and improve their overall procurement performance.

What is Tail Spend?

Tail spend refers to the bottom 20% of a company’s total spend, usually made up of a large number of low-value, non-strategic purchases. These purchases are often overlooked due to their relatively small individual value, but when combined, they can represent a significant portion of a company’s expenses. Inefficient tail spend management can result in higher costs, missed savings opportunities and increased risk exposure.

The Importance of Tail Spend Management

Effective tail spend management is essential for organizations looking to optimize their procurement processes, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. By consolidating tail spend and streamlining procurement activities, companies can:

  1. Achieve cost savings through reduced processing costs and improved supplier negotiation.
  2. Enhance visibility and control over spend, allowing for better budget management and forecasting.
  3. Reduce risk exposure by ensuring compliance with procurement policies and regulations.
  4. Improve supplier relationships by consolidating spend and reducing the number of suppliers.

Chartered Buying’s Tail Spend Management Solutions

Chartered Buying offers a comprehensive range of procurement services designed to help organizations effectively manage their tail spend and achieve the benefits outlined above. By partnering with Chartered Buying, organizations can leverage the expertise and tools necessary for efficient tail spend management.

Spend Analysis

Chartered Buying’s spend analysis service provides organizations with a detailed understanding of their procurement activities, enabling them to identify areas of inefficiency and potential savings. By analyzing historical spend data, Chartered Buying can highlight opportunities for consolidation and streamlining of procurement processes.

Supplier Consolidation

Consolidating suppliers is a crucial aspect of tail spend management. Chartered Buying’s supplier consolidation service helps organizations reduce the number of suppliers they work with, resulting in improved negotiation power, lower transaction costs and reduced risk exposure.

eProcurement Solutions

Chartered Buying provides an array of eProcurement solutions aimed at simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of the procurement process. By automating procurement tasks and consolidating tail spend through a single platform, organizations can achieve significant time and cost savings.

Compliance and Risk Management

Chartered Buying’s compliance and risk management services ensure that organizations adhere to procurement policies and regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential financial penalties. By monitoring supplier performance and maintaining up-to-date records, Chartered Buying helps organizations mitigate risk and maintain a strong reputation.


Effective tail spend management is essential for organizations looking to optimize their procurement processes and achieve cost savings. By partnering with Chartered Buying, companies can benefit from a range of procurement services designed to help them manage their tail spend more efficiently and improve their overall procurement performance. Boasting a demonstrated history of adding value for its clients, Chartered Buying emerges as the perfect collaborator for businesses aiming to refine their procurement operations and uncover the concealed cost-saving opportunities within their tail spend.

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